Monday, January 10, 2005

Ok, I figure I'm the only one writing and reading this so it feels incredibly liberating so I'll continue to write as I write. A friend told me that I needed to gove some background info so people know a few more things but I like the mystery but I suppose mystery isn't for everyone.

My name is Hilesh. You can assume the rest from the words in my blog or just ask me. My email is up now.

For those of you who accidently come across this you should check out my friend Mikey's band, The Read Letter. He's got an amazing voice. The next big thing waiting to happen. Actually it's already happened but you all have missed out. Doug Abram plays in the Black Bear Combo. Gypsy funeral march madness. They both have new photos on their site.

I re-discovered Blackalicious today. I am painting and writing again so I will post those up soon as well as photos. ok. bye.


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