Thursday, February 03, 2005

As many have you noticed the Casual Socialist blog became the Casual blog. With the abundance of baby photos and the abundance of relatives, both mine and Irene, visiting I caved in and freaked out worrying someone would be asking why the hell am I a socialist. Well, I'm not....exactly.

There are so many things going on at the moment, not just with me and to those who are experiencing it and feeling the weight of it, my heart is with you.

My own stuff consists of a CT Scan of my head today to insure that the chemo has not had any adverse side effects. A visit to the cardiologist next week will accomplish something similar.

Last night I heard screaming from the bedroom whilst I was making dinner and naturally freaked out I ran and found Irene half in shock and half laughing because part of her and the TV was covered in baby shit. Atticus has discovered the wondrous joys of bazooka shitting. Appropriately when the diaper is OFF. I swear that boy's eyes cross in pleasure every time he does and I can hear the sounds from the next room.

The t-shirt designs have come in from my fellow employees for little Atticus. Once I iron them on I'll post the pictures of them.

I haven't heard George's speech yet but I'm sure it's online. They (whoever they are) have said he did a pretty good job. Diction-wise. Good for him. About time. My mom refused to listen because all the social security talk makes her angry. Most everyone I know does not like this man. I personally don't know him so I cannot pass judgment on his character. He was a better governor than he is a president though and I don't think he translates well to a larger stage but Dick can handle it and I disagree with a majority of his policies and I think Karl Rove is an axis of evil but in the end he is MY president, no going around that and it's about time I started interacting with him as MY president, questioning his policies, disagreeing with him and generally being aware. Because the alternative is becoming a disheartened democrat who talks about him like he is the bogeyman and that is just as bad as an artist claiming ambiguity as profundity. I mean, I love Barack Obama but I disagree with him just as much. It's what's called being a good American citizen. Being aware and questioning.

That's all for now.


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