Friday, February 25, 2005

Had my EEG this morning at 7:30. The EEG man gave me some meds to knock me out and when it was done after an hour I was pretty woozy. He was right in saying that I would feel drunk. God bless Lisa Slodki for being there and waiting for me and being patient with me in my state.

Me and Irene (Irene and I) went to see Gabrielle do her Black History Month speech in persona yesterday. I have mixed feelings about the whole set up: kids doing speeches in persona as a famous African American. Most of the kids plagiarized straight from the book while with others you could tell that their parents wrote it. There is a point when the education stops being the learning and starts being kitschy one act plays for the bemusement of the parents. That being said, it was completely intriguing to watch these fourth graders. Do you all remember your fourth grade classrooms? The shy ones, the outgoing ones, the class clowns, the nice ones, the bullies. They were all there. I tried hard not to be an adult, the kind the Little Prince would have furrowed his brow at, and see them in the future and instead just watch and treat them like they were their age. Let them be kids and treat them with respect.

That being said, my favorite, besides Gabrielle, was the first kid who did Mr. T and said, "You can watch my show every week on channel 26" and ended with, "And his famous line was I PITY THE FOOL."


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