Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I already posted this picture but...I heard an npr story about diane arbus and they asked listeners to send in their own favorite picture with a 150 word or less description. So I bit and wrote one about this one.....sappy as it may be

After the c-section she was bound to her bed like a ball and chain. The first glimpse of energy: she took the child into the bathroom to give him a bath. I snapped the photo not to commemorate the event but because I saw his face. His skin, more ruddy than red, is glowing. It contrasts with the green towel underneath him and the white porcelain sink full of soapy water. He is neither Greek nor Indian at this moment but a small vessel. He looks up at her face with a complete trust. The beauty of the photo is that you can’t see my partner’s face, you only see her through his gaze, through his reflection of her gaze. He is on the precipice of the sink ready to have his head rinsed and I think my god this is it, this is the beginning. Posted by Hello


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