Thursday, March 10, 2005

This comes from the always amazing Fingertips website via Jeremy Schlosberg, also referenced in Thomas Bartlett's Audiofile column in Salon.

"While I don't think the 'important' label is inherently meaningless, I fear that our speed-infatuated Web-based pop culture has helped to make it so, particularly with the Internet's capacity to foster and nourish e-mob rantings, ravings and backlashes. Nowadays it seems pure automatic sport first to affix the 'important' label and then to strip it, as soon as possible. The cycles have gotten so swift that maybe that alone keeps any band from really feeling 'important' anymore. For instance, I can't imagine the Arcade Fire will be 'allowed' by the e-mob to stay great, even if they put out another great CD, and another. After all, they've already gotten too much mainstream media attention. Time to move on to someone else."

Also, I have mentioned it before but Radio Free Nepal is a daring and life-risking blog that should be checked out if not at least glanced at once in awhile. I don't know how many of you wonder what's going on in Nepal or aware of the Maoist rebels and a tight fisted King Gyandendra but it's always a reminder that while our world falls asleep others are wide awake. Also, 10x10 is an intriguing news source to compare and contrast with your other daily news intake services.

Last night I got my re-do. I have to say that money troubles me so much that I fear I may have survived cancer but have in turn given myself an ulcer. But for a little while last night I let it all go. My sister is in town from Boston and Irene took her, Gabrielle, Atticus and I all out to Greek Islands near downtown last night, which is one of my favorite Greek restaurants period. So we all ate, had fun, introduced my sister to Greek wine, had the flaming cheese, had octopus salad and a good time. Then in an inspired moment, when we got home after we put Gabs and Atticus to sleep, Irene broke open a bottle of port and suggested we all paint. So we did. I must say I wasn't happy with my results but ah well.

That being said, the little man, Atticus, was up all night in a very cranky mood only to wake up this morning kicking and cooing like a cute little baby.


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