Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm worried about my friend. I think it's fair to worry about him since he worried about me a little while ago. I think I'll buy us both a couple of scratch tickets. That's all I will say.

I have been listening to Beck's Guero and contrary to popular belief, or at least to music critics, I think it's amazing. My son digs it too. Though the only thing that really calms him down is Garvey's Ghost, a dub version of the old Burning Spear album Marcus Garvey.

I have also been listening to M. Ward (today) and Prefuse 73's new one over the weekend. Both are floating in my head. Good stuff.

I had a wonderful talk with Sissy today about blogging and its level of intimacy. It's pretty intense when you think about it, all the daily existence and intimate knowledge that goes up on these sites. Today I was reading Mike Doughty's blog and he is serving jury duty at the moment and had this to say:

I have a strange daydream that my old drug dealer--who actually cut me off at one point, when it looked pretty clear that I was about to die--is going to be standing in front of me, on this grand jury, and I'm going to have to vote on whether he gets indicted.

So I was talking to Sissy and we were discussing the intimate characteristics of blogging and I remembered when I was doing addictions counseling years ago I came across this article by Steve Earle, the singer, about his time befriending a death row inmate. Both had gone through rehab of some sort and he said that as a result they both had a sort of spiritual shorthand that cut through all the bullshit and testosterone.

Me and Sissy came up with phrase Digital Spiritual Shorthand for blogging.

I like that.


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