Thursday, March 17, 2005

A lot of news today from Washington. Edward Kennedy for the first time in years cancelled his appearance and meeting with Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams in response to the IRA coverup of the murder of Robert McCartney in Belfast. After a bar altercation, three members of the IRA also at the bar dragged and kicked him in the street and he eventually died. The story has all the trappings of becoming a Rashomon narrative so before I participate in a game of telephone I suggest you visit the BBC, The Belfast Telegraph or CNN. The McCartney sisters and his partner are visiting the U.S. and have met with the Senator and others asking for help in the inquiry into his death. A timely St. Patrick's day visit.

There are rumors going around that the oil production numbers espoused by major companies are wrong and we may face a crisis soon. In related news, the bill to begin drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Reserve has passed despite opposition from John Kerry and others. I think the actual vote was 51-49. If you ever want to see how senators are voting and see their voting records I suggest you go here.

I'll stop the politics for a bit.

I spent last night babysitting Gabrielle and Atticus while Irene had a ladies night out. Much needed for her. Gabrielle practiced her Irish step dancing moves for her St. Patrick's day performance and after catching her improv show I settled down with the little man and conversed with him all night. He's a good conversationalist. I asked him if he would like to learn how to skateboard and I talked to him about my health issues and other stuff.

My body is slowly starting to feel ok, despite the fact that my feet are numb and I have trouble walking. After so long, my body slowly starts to feel like I can claim it. Slowly. I am still waiting for brain surgery news, a yay or a nay but at this point new things pop up all the time they don't really faze me. I do have to admit that I feel a little emotionally lost, unsure of which direction to head after weathering this storm. Is this post-cancer blues? I keep wondering why I am returning to normal daily life after all that? I mean, I should be grateful for just being alive, that they caught it, but I guess I want a debriefing of sorts. I wonder if HMO covers that?

Words are coming through slowly. The poems are appearing slowly. We'll see where this goes. Now I can safely worry about money and bills again. Maybe I'll write Oprah and ask her for two thousand dollars. What do say, Oprah? I'm good for it.


This is from DC's Inside Scoop, a blog about current news on Capitol Hill.

Is This Compassionate Conservatism?

37 Republicans JUST voted against a Specter Amendment to the Budget that would have increased cancer research money at the NIH.

Specter offered it with almost all his hair gone, his body emaciated

And then Senator Mike Enzi gets up and says he can't support cancer research money because it comes out of the "wrong account."

Mike, you're a prick.


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