Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I would like to assert an important point in these pages. This benefit is courtesy of Shirts Against.
Here is their bio:

Shirtsagainst is incorporating as a non-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting disabled artists.

Artists are free thinkers often on the fringes of mainstream society. In the pursuit of the time and skills to create art, they are frequently forced to make difficult career choices. Artists usually maintain only service-level employment, with little or no insurance or savings account.

Artists with illnesses frequently find themselves in an even more vulnerable state. If the artist has a treatable condition, even if diagnosed early in life, the process of treatment and continuing care can cripple the artist's intentions with a lifetime of insurmountable debt. The situation can deteriorate to the point where the artist is unable to pursue their art or secure treatment for their condition.

Shirts Against assists these artists, so that they may continue to create and live life to the fullest extent possible. We seek to provide disabled artists with access to support for day-to-day monetary concerns, funds for medical care and art supplies, and an online home for discussion and sharing.

Shirts Against's raises funds for these artists through the sale of t-shirts bearing their work or design and by holding benefit events. Our goal is to become the single banner that many who fight for different causes can gather under, and fly, together.

They have taken the time, effort, finances and heart to lend me their support and I hope you can come out to support the organization. This will hopefully be the first of many benefits. I hope it is a success that it allows for others down the line to step up. Music (four amazing artists) will be performed and along with other merchandise, my art and shirts against shirts will be auctioned off.

Visit the website and if you have any questions contact them or feel free to holler at me.


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