Sunday, August 07, 2005

I feel I should assert a few important points in these pages with regards to the benefit. First off, I want to again recognize, the organization that literally out together the benefit and put in the work. The Forum section of their website is sadly underused, especially the Tales from the Land of Medical: Tell a medical tale, talk alternative therapies, or about a friends health, go ahead and get it out

And again, for that attended I am making in my personal goal to get in touch and thank and chat with all of you, give others a hard time (cough, Moe) and just generally say hi.

And to reiterate, four amazing bands played and if you liked them you should learn more about them. For example, Adam Fitz just had a record release party Friday at the Hideout (which I missed due to my own physical incapacitations). The Read Letter are playing Bad Dog Tavern next Tuesday, August 16, and it's free free free. Black Bear Combo has three new mp3's on their site (Game of Death is my favorite). This Thursday, August 11 The Siderunners are participating in the Benefit for Aaron Watkins who passed away from Lung Cancer in June leaving behind a wife and child. They are playing with The Peelers, Phenom, Dummy, Baseball Furies and Last Vegas.

The Great Sandini owes me some more feats of magic and a few Saturday card games and Donaldson needs to buy me a pair of heels.

That's all.


Blogger Lazlo said...

Thanks for the Forum plug, even I am not there as much as I feel I should be. Although it may be difficult to have a conversation by yourself...(HINT TO EVERYONE).

For those who need something to talk about, and I hope they are many, I have started a thread about American Apparel, as I am considering using their products for our dealy. Say someting about it.

Monday, August 08, 2005 7:14:00 AM  

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