Thursday, April 13, 2006

I posted this on craigslist. If any readers know of any homes for her let me know.


My bassett, Stella, needs a good home. She is housebroken but I'll be upfront, she is mischievous - you know, the hiding under the table because I grabbed something off the counter mischievous. She is almost 3 and around 55 lbs. Very energetic and at times hella spastic but then when she is calm she curls up in a ball and sleeps. Loves morning and evening walks. I have her on a pretty strict schedule now for morning and evening meals and walks because I wake up early. She'll jump up on you when you walk in the house but she's never been aggressive aside from playful bites to get you to play. I have two kids in the house, 14 months and 11 year old, and she's good with them but I wait for her to calm down and let her get her energy out before letting her near the little one. She barks when she wants to go out and when she wants you to play with her and when you leave her in another room and she is pissed at you.

My family is moving and because of the place we are moving too and because of the after-effects of an illness I had (since I take care of Stella the most) I need to find her a good home. If anyone's interested let me know. Come over and meet her and see if there is a connection there. See if you can handle the energy. She is all love.



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