Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Still no ice storm but plenty of rain. Saw Mikey and the Letter (half of it anyway) at the Bad Dog Tavern last night. I blocked out everything in my head for a little while and felt what it was like to feel normal again. Plus they did a great cover of James' Sit Down.

My friend Mike C has invited me to join in Shirts Against, possibly contributing my own t-shirt, either one for cancer or specifically for colon cancer. Either way he charmed me and when the baby comes me Irene and baby will head over t0 his and Angie's for wine and salmon.

The excitement and velocity of yesterday has died down but I am still of dreams and ideas on what to write and paint. I read Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference online yesterday and it melted me. It sucks you in when you aren't looking and holds you. Very poetic and very funny. Also very inspiring. I've been talking to Doug of Black Bear Combo fame for all those wondering out there, he does amazing silkscreen and print posters for shows (check it out here) and I am going to keep going with the stencils. I've been using watercolors and stencils to make layers and backgrounds and just exploring. Good stuff.


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