Friday, February 04, 2005

So does everyone know Mikey Peterson, lead singer of The Read Letter, my friend and editor? He does this thing, he sends me songs from unlikely people, people we are supposed to hate and be too cool for, be above because we really have punk rock souls.

So he sent me Ryan Adams last time, maybe some of you remember that post. This time he sends me Conor Oberst, Mr. Bright Eyes himself and again, I think, goddamn it. To make matters worse, Conor's up and got himself Emmy Lou Harris as a backup singer and I love Emmy Lou, absolutely love her and I think that mofo, who does he think he is. I hear this guy is supposed to be the second coming. I even saw him in Time magazine so you know his shit is sweet. So Mikey sends me easy lucky free, landlocked blues and another travelin's song. And they're all pretty damn good. And I get mad and

Mikey says:
maybe we are struggling not to be old bitter and jealous
hilesh says:
what's wrong with that
Mikey says:
Mikey says:
a hell of a lot

So I give.

And then he sends me William Shatner doing a song called Together.



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