Thursday, April 07, 2005

My man (well not really my man, I don't know him personally but I love his music) Devin Davis has gotten his props from Salon's audiofile. Let's hope it gives him a wider audience. Audiofile chose Iron Woman which is indeed a great song but my favorite is Turtle and the Flightless Bird.

From the review:

Thursday, Apr 7, 2005

Daily Download: "Iron Woman," Devin Davis

image"Iron Woman," the opening track of Devin Davis' debut record "Lonely People of the World, Unite!," is a ragged, invigorating, somewhat anarchic two-minute rock song, the vocals delivered with Springsteenian gusto and grit, and with an unhinged sax solo snuck in to rough things up further. The whole record is mightily impressive, equal parts tight songcraft and undisciplined emotional fervor, recorded nearly single-handedly by Davis over a period of a few years. Also available for free download, "Turtle and the Flightless Bird" and "Deserted Eyeland."

Free Download:
"Iron Woman"


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