Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I guess the thing of it is, with children, there is no Undo button. Once they see you do something, hear something, then that's it. Shouldn't we, though, be accountable for everything we do then?

I've met a lot of artists who believe then when the work is done, they're not responsible for it anymore. I can't understand that. That seems irresponsible. You can't put something out there and without being accountable for it. Sincerity and responsibility are very important things. Once tany work enters the public sphere; copied, leaving the studio, ftp'd, sent, spray painted; then the power dynamic and identity changes.

I look at Irene, my wife, who is insanely passionate about what she does. But she is extremely pragmatic as well. She makes art that people take into and wear in the public realm. And she is very responsible about that. Very conscious and very demanding of her clients. Which is not to say she doesn't take risks. She designs hair to the person and who they are. Now that's pressure. I'd like to see some artists deal with that.

Ok, I need to stop.

I'll leave this alone for awhile.


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