Saturday, July 23, 2005

Things I have learned this morning...

Violin, any form - classical or country or other, calms everyone in the house. Well, at least the dogs, the cat, Atticus and I. We caught a song by Carrie Rodriguez and Chip Taylor (Wild Thing Chip Taylor) that soothed the lot early this morn.

Feeding Atticus a combination of formula, pears and cereal is not successful. He spits it out gleefully and I find my glasses covered in muck.

Since the feeling in my feet is pretty slim and accounting for the fact that I am kind of....clunky and not at all, how do you say, dancer like in my movements (you'd think being so tall I'd have some semblance of grace) I bang my foot quite often. I banged my little toe last night and I think I broke it. I mean, I can't feel it but boy my foot throbs. Maybe.


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