Friday, July 15, 2005

The amount of work and effort being put into the benefit is overwhelming and amazing. It is time to start giving everyone the props they deserve. If you haven't visited the website for ShirtsAgainst then I suggest you do. ShirtsAgainst and its founding member, idea originator, Michael Cianfrani, who is a workaholic when it comes to helping others (and helping me) and just maybe a glutton for stress and truly the driving force behind all this goodness, have been working like crazy.

A visit to the site page will give you more info but I'd personally like to say the names of the performers in these pages:

The Read Letter
The Siderunners
Black Bear Combo
Adam Fitz

Donaldson: The (always funny) MC
The (always) Great Sandini who will be performing magic

There are, of course the people behind the scenes. You know who you are especially my favorite art(ist) critic Gretchen Boies who kindly lent us her apartment for a quick pre-show art display and has constantly lent me her ear for numerous babbling (on my part) sessions.

I could speak volumes as they say about all the bands of each I have a cd in my car. Adam Fitz who I have not formally met but who has lent his time to the evening, well I have two of his songs passed on to me. What I am trying to say is no one is just playing willy-nilly. Check them out. They are as diverse as it comes. They are all, I might add, worth trekking out to The Morseland on Wednesday July 27th to come see. 9:30 pm. Besides the fact that I am truly not one to ever toot my own horn I am a strong fervent supporter of good music. They are, obviously, all brilliant for supporting this night. Wait until you hear their music. In fact, forget this is a night about me (I'm trying to). Come and support the bands and a hell of a good organization.

I heard the Morseland has good food too if anyone wants to show up early.



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