Saturday, August 13, 2005

Our ceiling is looking like it's going to cave in the front room. There are two cracks in it and it was dripping obnoxious liquid onto the couch (now moved) and onto the floor. The apartment people sent over some guys yesterday but it seems to be still dripping.

The reason I am worried about a "caving in" is because the ceiling actually did cave in a few years ago and water was pouring from he ceiling all night and me and Irene had to go back and forth to the bathtub with buckets of water. It was horrible.

Sariah seems to be doing better. She had a stroke so many years ago and about once a year she goes crazy. I feel like she may have had another one. She was twitchy and she bit me two days ago. I've switched her food to ProPlan which is a mite more expensive but she is getting older and she needs some more care. It has seemed to help. And we are letting her come in at night to sleep. She is Atticus' favorite. Strangely he will reach out and grab a hold of her fur which must hurt like hell but she squirms out of it, readjusts herself and is cool. Such a gentle soul.

Gabs is at camp. Irene is at work. Atticus is finally asleep. It's raining outside and the only sound in the house is the fan.


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