Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stella starts barking at 5:00 am. I get out of bed and tell her to shut up. Go back to bed.
Wake up at 5:45 am to muffled whimpers to walk Stella and Matilda.
Walk them both for about ten minutes around the neighborhood
Come back, feed the cat first. Her food is on the table, out of reach. Then feed and water the dogs.
Wait until they are both done eating otherwise Stella will come over and eat Matilda's food and drink her water and Matilda will bite her on the nose.
Now it's about 6:15/6:20
I clean Atticus' bottles and put them and the rest of the dishes into the dishwasher
I shower, get dressed
I wake up Gabrielle
I turn on the oven
Take the dogs out quickly
put toast in the oven
sit up Atticus in his crib put a pillow behind his head let him play
Butter the toast
Jelly the toast
Put on a plate
Grab Atticus and a glass
Take him to the bathroom sink and wash his hair
Gabrielle comes in to talk
we comb his hair
Gabs has eaten her toast
Fill his bottles, write his name on his diapers
Fill the bag
It's 7:50
we're a little late
We say bye to Irene, she is sick
We head out


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