Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wil: So how come we never met before now?

Vivian Shing: We did meet. Nineteen years ago. I was 8, you were 9. Outside the temple.

Wil: I don't remember.

Vivian Shing: The Wong boys were taunting me about my parents' divorce. You beat the crap out of them. You were wearing a Kristy McNichol t-shirt, tan cords and a pageboy. You spilled your mom's groceries. We scooped them into a bag.

Wil: That's right, and then...

Vivian Shing: And then I kissed you on the nose. And you ran.


I saw an utterly charming movie called Saving Face. It has been sitting with me for quite a few days. It works in the tradition of old screwball comedies but with a gentle touch. And a lot of heart. To say it's a love story is so narrow in its description. It is what my friends Lisa and Shari would call a Hilesh movie.


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