Friday, September 15, 2006

We were in the elevator this morn me gabs and atticus going down with two other people and atticus was feeling it talk up a storm grooving his head back and forth and then just as suddenly as had been full of life he stopped and put his head down and was quiet. I realized that everyone in the elevator had their heads down. It was elevator etiquette. It left me floored. Not this. Don't learn this. Don't copy this.

I saw this video of Sonny Rollins and had a strange inexplicable desire to make stencils of large green trees and hang indian deities from the ceiling.

There are officially two posts in my experiment blog.

It is my wonderfully human and inspiring friend's birthday on Monday. Happy birthday Gretchen. I love you.

My wife introduced me to Michael Gordon and the world of Bumble and Bumble. To anyone who knows my wife she is fiercely passionate and in motion. Michael Gordon inspires her and now he inspires me too.

When I was a child our neighborhood had a crazy lady. Every neighborhood has a crazy lady...maybe. She was sicilian. In our house we called her the Airplane lady because whenever she would see one in the sky she would chase after it. She spoke almost no english. After all these years, it makes me want to cry, not out of pity.