Thursday, September 15, 2011

The world is opening up to me as each day passes. Things that used to cripple me do not anymore. If they somehow take hold, I am able to be in it for a day and come out the other side. Much like a swimmer, I can cut through the water. And it keeps going. And I keep growing. Touching. Feeling. Absorbing. Experimenting. New. Old. Again. Renew. Forgive. Forgive again. Try to forgive. Fall (hard). Fall (soft).

Abated. Briefly.

The world is also harder. All the things I protected myself from before. Intimacy. Love. Touch. Feeling. It's harder now. Harder to see what really is. What is really possible. What can exist in the faces of those you love. How easy attraction is. How complicated love and true partnership is. I see. I see.

These are my thoughts this morning because I gave my friend a ride to work and she reminded me that the people around me have dreams too. Give and receive. And my child was shy in a moment at school.

And because I saw a vein in the crook of a woman's neck and the world saw me.