Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"The responsibility of government for the public safety is absolute and requires no mandate. It is in fact the prime object for which governments come into existence."

-Winston Churchill via Chris Olbermann


I don't understand. I simply don't. No comprehension. I am crying everyday. I can't help it. Goddamnit, I am crying here at work now. Why?? Can someone explain this? But enough. This isn't about me. I will take a step away from what every damn political figure has been doing and stop talking in the I. Just look. Look and listen. Enough said.

You know who you are. You work for US.

Enough. I am sounding like an angry child. You know what you can do and where to do it. Sissy and I are collecting physical things at work like toothpaste, clothes, diapers, etc. We'll be heading down Thursday to drop it all off. If you have anything, let me know.




Donaldson said it better and with far more restraint and tact than I have.


Blogger Donaldson said...

Bless you, friend, you confuse my inability to articulate what I'm feeling with restraint and tact. That’s the first time I've ever been accused of those virtues, and I suppose I will take that gift.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005 7:25:00 AM  

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