Thursday, January 13, 2005

from the news...

"Gays are the only group categorically excluded from adopting in Florida," she writes. "As a brief filed by the Child Welfare League of America noted, Florida allows adoptions, for example, by those who are single, disabled, divorced, and even, in some cases, by convicted felons.

"Given the openly anti-gay origins of Florida's law, it would have been hard for the Supreme Court to find the law constitutionally valid. If any law was 'born of animosity' toward gays, it is this Florida statute."

For his part, the president's brother and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said he was pleased with the Supreme Court's stance, according to the St. Petersburg Times. "It's the law of the state," Bush remarked, "and I think it's the appropriate law."

Right-wing Christian leaders backed that gospel: "We're just pleased that children are going to get protected," said Florida Christian Coalition executive director Bill Stephens, "that courts are doing what's in the best interest of children and keeping them in heterosexual homes."


My friend Shari, when I visited her this past summer, gave me the most beautiful gift in the world for our new baby. It is my story to keep so I won't share all of it with you but years ago she helped raise a child with her then partner. This child, as a baby, would crawl up the couch, climb up Shari as if she were a tree and breathlessly rest his head on her chest. And Shari, looking down at this child, told me the first thought in her head was, "I have to make the world a better place and myself in it." I''m paraphrasing but you get the point. I will make the world and myself a better place. Mark my words.



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