Friday, January 14, 2005

I was talking with Lisa and doing one of my I'm low on energy and sad so I'm going to bring this conversation down and you with it deals. I felt so bad when I got off the phone that I fretted then Mikey comes over and plays me three Ryan Adams tracks. Now, I hate Ryan Adams. And it's always been this thing between us that we could both hate Ryan Adams because he's such a cocky motherfucker so I honestly felt betrayed when he told me "I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago, after spending some alone time with 'Love Is Hell', that Ryan Adams (although he's a cock) is the Real Deal. One of the best most honest beautiful albums I've heard since Jeff Buckley's Grace. So there you go."

But I love Mikey so I gave it a go and his cover of Wonderwall along with The Shadowlands and English Girls off his Love is Hell album nearly made me cry so there you go. He's still an asshole. But I love those songs.

So for what's it worth, Lisa, I'm sending positive vibes your way via the mostly unlikely source, a cocky rocker who writes beautiful songs.


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