Friday, February 11, 2005

Last night Irene and I joined Jon, Lisa, Sargon and Angie at our favorite Vietnamese/Laotion restaurant in the city, Nhu Hoa on Argyle. There are two gold lions in front and if you remember to ask to sit in the back (the smoking section, not that I smoke but anyway...) you can watch videos on the big screen TV. It's a little like watching a high class talent show. It's great. We brought little Atticus on his first official outing and he slept through most of it.

Since I have been going to this place for years I have watched this certain little boy, who is the son of one of the employees, grow. I know his name is Rashan (spelling??) and I know he has down's syndrome and he is one of the fastest, sweetest and most mischievous kids I have ever met. He kept folding Atticus' blanket and putting it on him and shushing everyone to keep quiet. Then he ate his food behind us just to be close, you know what I mean? He kept coming back over and over again, giving everyone candy, pickpocketing my checkbook from my back pocket. In the end, a truly lovely evening.

I cut up my old Sex Pistols t-shirt yesterday afternoon and am sewing patches of it onto various clothes for Atticus. Right now I have a mini hoodie with a faded Johnny Rotten half sewed on the back. I'll post a finished picture soon.

During the day when I am at home I play as much music as possible. That has always been an everyday occurrence but I am more into now to gauge Atticus' response and see what he likes. So......I am asking everyone (all you seven people-hi megan) out there to come up with a playlist of what you think an essential mix for the little one should be. What is the ideal music to introduce to a new soul? Well......whattya got?


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