Saturday, January 15, 2005

I did something bad today.

Well not exactly bad, per se, but, I guess, kind of juvenile.

Gabrielle does this thing that drives me crazy. She'll say, "I have that movie on DVD. I have that cd. I have that movie." It can go on and on forever. Normally I do the patient adult thing and nod and say, "That's nice dear" but today I brought her to work with me and we have a Morrissey You are the Quarry poster and she sees it and says, "I have that cd."

Me: "Oh yeah? Where?"

Gabs: "At my grandma's. I love it."

Me: "Oh yeah? You know that song you love from Charmed called How Soon Is Now? (I sing it for her) Well, Morrissey sang that first way before that show a long time ago in a band called The Smiths and I have all their records and all his. I was listening to them since I was your age (So not true)."

And she just kid of looks at me says, "Oh."

I am so juvenile.


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